Odonil Room Freshening Sprays 153gm

Odonil Bathroom Air freshner Blocks removes mal-odours from your bathroom.
Its special odour busters keep bathroom fresh and Fragrant.
It Keeps our bathroom fragrant for 30 day 50g,
Available in 4 different fragrances – Jasmine, Lavender, Orchid & Rose .

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Product Description

Odonil room freshening spray transforms the mood with its premium fragrances
It keeps your bedrooms and living rooms fresh and fragrant
It offers a fine selection of nature-inspired scents to keep your home fresh and fragrant
Its available in 2 different sizes 108g, 153g; now available in 7 different fragrances jasmine, lavender, sandal, rose, citrus, floral bliss and ocean breeze as well
Package Content: 1 Room Freshening Sprays; Quantity: 153 Gm


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